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Ageing Backwards Exercise

This program aims to meet the individual’s physical needs for low impact and gentle movement, with each session guided by a professional fitness instructor.

Assessment & Coordination of Services

CBS works with people to assess their individual care needs.  Together we work to find a balance of support and independence to achieve that persons short and long term goals.

Domestic Assistance

Assistance with light household duties such as vacuuming, cleaning, laundry and ironing.

Garden Maintenance

Up to three hours of garden maintenance each year is available to eligible people, and can include things such as mowing, weeding, general gardening and rubbish removal.

Health and Safety Monitoring Services

CBS are able to provide you with a range of solutions that increase the level of safety for people living independently in their own homes. These can include devices such as personal medical alarms, fall detectors, help buttons, smoke, gas and flood detectors and key safes.

Home Care Packages

CBS offers a range of home care packages that are designed to provide individually planned and coordinated services, meeting the daily care needs of older people who live independently at home.

Home Maintenance Program

This program covers a wide range of small repair and maintenance tasks in the home including things such as the repair and replacement of taps and tap washers, repair and replacement of door and window locks, minor repair of doors, furniture and walls, installation of smoke alarms and installation of key safes.

Home Modifications Program

This program focuses on the person’s most immediate needs as they relate to improving safety and accessibility in their home. Major Home Modifications are usually for requests such as bathroom reconfigurations and large ramps. Minor Home Modifications are usually for requests such as hand rails and small ramps.

Personal Care Program

Providing a range of personal services including dressing, showering, mobility assistance, medication prompting and meals.

Self-funded Support

If you do not qualify for government assistance or if you want additional support, you can purchase all services CBS offers.  For a personalised quote, please contact CBS on 03 6208 6600.

Social Hubs

Social hubs bring fun, companionship and entertainment to people’s lives. Activities can include art and craft, lunch groups, cooking, nature appreciation, gardening, and day trips.

Social Support

This program aims to meet the clients’ need for socialisation and includes individual activities such as visiting family and friends, shopping and bill paying or small groups such as playing cards, book club, afternoon tea or community access.

Spring Cleaning

This program provides annual spring cleaning to eligible clients; including thorough cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, light fittings, skirtings, windows, gutters and high dusting. Turning of mattresses is also included.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider

CBS is an authorised NDIS provider offering individualised services and support.

CBS supports individuals to achieve their short and long term goals.