What are Social Hubs?

A place to connect with friends, maximise independence and enjoy the social part of life.

Social Activity Groups support older Australians to stay connected and active in their local community. Our Social Hubs run planned quarterly programs of activities that focus on accessing the community, learning new skills, wellness and reablement and social connection.

Our Social Hub is a warm and welcoming house for people to come and socialise in a fun, interactive and supportive environment. In our relaxed atmosphere you can catch up with old and new friends and participate in our activities.

Where available, transport on one of our CBS mini-buses to and from the hub can be booked. Your day includes morning tea, lunch and transport on our buses during the day.

Community Based Support Community Hubs

Hear what our clients have to say about our social hubs

Our Social Hubs have a fantastic activity program that you can select from. You don’t have to do all the activities. You have total control over what you want to choose. See below for our programs:

South – April – June 2021

North – April – June 2021

South – July – September 2021

North – July – September 2021

South – October – December 2021

North – October – December 2021

Contact us if you are keen to get involved.

Our Program of Activities

When you join our Social Hub, you can participate in a range of fun and interactive activities as well as daily outings which have you travelling on our CBS mini bus to surrounding areas of Hobart.

The programs will feature special events, wellness activities, guest speakers, arts and crafts, recreational activities, and outings.

A sample of the outings is below;
– History Bus Trips
– Boat Trips
– Produce Tour and Picnics/BBQs
– Op Shopping
– Cafes and Restaurants
– Nurseries and Shopping

CBS Community Hub

Who can access CBS Social Hubs?

This service is open to seniors (+65) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (+50) who are living independently or with a family or carer.

The first step is to contact our Business Development team on 6208 6676.

Social Hub locations

We have Social Hubs in Hobart, Launceston and Bridport.

Our new Riverside hub will be opening in November 2021.

Operating Hours are
10am – 3pm
Monday to Friday

How much does it cost?

Client Contributions:
$15 per day*

*With a My Aged Care Referral (we help you process a referral)

Try it for free*, before you sign up.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary day with us 6208 6676. 
It’s 100% FREE* for the day and we will even arrange lunch while you visit us. 

*For existing CHSP- and HACC-funded people (even if you’re not a Community Based Support client) 

CBS Community Hubs Free