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Unlocking opportunities: The CBS refer a friend program

Oct 07, 2023

To combat  workforce shortages in the aged and disability care sector, CBS has adopted a contemporary approach to complement traditional recruitment. Implemented in 2022, the CBS Refer a Friend program encourages team members to identify potential candidates to join the care sector utilising the ever powerful ‘word of mouth’. Now established, the initiative has yielded numerous successful hires, brought about by pre-existing relationships and a shared understanding of CBS’s values and mission.

Melissa Jarvis, a coordinator with CBS Disability Services, recently referred her friend’s daughter, Danielle, to join the CBS team. “She’s always been a people person, very upbeat and positive. I’m so pleased she’s absolutely loving it” says Melissa. Following Danielle’s successful three-month probation, Melissa received a gift voucher to say thank you for encouraging a successful addition to the team.

Alice Carroll, Executive Manager for HR underscores the significance of the program. She states, “I’ve seen first-hand the power of a well-executed referral program. It goes beyond recruitment; it’s a reflection of our employees’ confidence in our company. It’s like saying, ‘I believe in this organisation, and I want my friends to be a part of something great too’ ”. She adds, “The program fosters a valuable first-person insight into the reality of the work, providing an honest and candid perspective from someone who genuinely knows and enjoys the work.”

Employees are well-informed about the program with guidance provided to assist them in referring suitable candidates and managing expectations. This includes being able to outline qualifications and licences, fitness requirements and what sort of skills, characteristics and qualities are transferrable.

Support worker Angie Burton referred her friend Thida, who has excelled in her role, earning praise from clients. Angie says, “I knew Thida would be a good fit due to her nurturing nature. She was running her own business and was studying to become a support worker, so I knew she’d be good at the job.”

The CBS Refer a Friend program aligns with the company values of quality, respect, collaboration and accountability. By embracing and implementing this program, CBS is creating a work environment where dedication, teamwork, and personal connections flourish, ultimately benefiting not just the organisation but also the Tasmanian community it serves and supports.

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