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CHSP & HACC fee policy

Oct 29, 2021

Community Based Support aims to ensure that the services it offers are affordable and
accessible. This policy outlines CBS approach to applying client contributions to
Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Home and Community Care (HACC) and
Veterans Home Care (VHC) service delivery programs.

Client Contribution Principles

The following principles apply to CHSP fees:

  1. Consistency: All clients who can afford to contribute to the cost of their care should
    do so. Client contributions should not exceed the actual cost of service provision.
  2. Transparency: Client contribution policies should include information in an
    accessible format and be publicly available, given to, and explained to, all new and
    existing clients.
  3. Hardship: Individual policies should include arrangements for those who are unable
    to pay the requested contribution.
  4. Reporting: Grant agreement obligations include a requirement for providers to
    report the dollar amount collected from client contributions.
  5. Fairness: The Client Contribution Framework should take into account the client’s
    capacity to pay and should not exceed the actual cost to deliver the services. In
    administering this, providers need to take into account partnered clients, clients in
    receipt of compensation payments and bundling of services.
  6. Sustainability: Revenue from client contributions should be used to support ongoing
    service delivery and expand the services providers are currently funded to deliver.


All clients will be informed of the fees associated with the service at the time of assessment
or introduction to the service. Clients will be given at least 30 days’ notice of any changes
to the Fees Schedule and or Fee Policy.

Non-payment of CHSP Fees

  • Clients are sent reminders for unpaid invoices.
  • If a client is identified as being in arrears, without prior arrangement, the Accounts
    Receivable Officer contacts them or their representative to discuss the matter. The
    client is advised that they can have an advocate with them for this discussion.
  • A payment plan or other arrangements may be made to assist the client to meet
    their responsibilities regarding fee payment.
  • If, after consultation the service user refuses to pay, they are provided with a letter
    outlining the action that will be taken by CBS (this may include application and
    assessment for a fee reduction).
  • Where clients can demonstrate financial hardship, Community Based Support will
    assess their eligibility for a fee reduction.
  • If, after 30 days of the due date, payment has not been made, and ability to pay is
    not an issue, CBS may notify the person that services will be withdrawn. If payment
    is still not made within a total of 45 days of the original due date, services may be
    ceased. The client will be informed in writing of CBS decision and will have their
    right of appeal explained.


*A Non-pensioner is a client who is self-funded by superannuation or other source of
income other than a Disability Support Pension or Aged Pension.
Please note different client contributions will apply for Technical Services, Home
Modifications, Home & Garden Maintenance, Spring Clean and Group Activities.

HACC Fees for Meals, Transport and Day Centres

The above services are normal living expenses. Fees are payable for all occasions of service
for these activities and would generally not be waived.


Where a client requires transport as part of their visit a charge of $1.00 per kilometre
will apply. Please note that travel fees shall not form part of a fee reduction.

Veterans Home Care Fees

Entitled persons are required to contribute to the cost of services through the application of
a co-payment. These co-payment amounts are capped and are determined by VHC
Assessment Agencies and are listed on the VHC Service Plan provided to CBS. The fees
charged by CBS will not exceed the rate applied by the VHC Assessment Agency.

The co-payment may be waived by Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) under certain
hardship conditions. In these circumstances, DVA will make the co-payment to CBS on
behalf of the entitled person.

Paying fees

Clients have a responsibility to:

  • Pay any fees as agreed or arrange for an alternative agreement with CBS if any changes
    occur to their financial circumstances.
  • Provide enough information for CBS to determine an appropriate review of fees


Invoices are issued following the end of each month by the Accounts Receivable Officer,
Corporate Support. The Accounts Receivable Officer also follows up on outstanding invoices
in consultation with the relevant Coordinator. Clients who receive CHSP or HACC services
who are unable to pay their outstanding debt can request a fee reduction.

Fee payments

Clients can pay their invoices by cheque, cash, EFT, EFTPOS, BPay, direct debit, Centrepay
or periodic payment. If clients choose to pay by Centrepay or periodic payment they must
contact Centrelink or their bank to organise the set up. Clients can pay their fees:

  1. At our office in Sunderland Street
  2. At Service Tasmania
  3. By post
  4. By phone
  5. By Internet Banking (BPay, EFT, Direct Debit, Periodic Payment)
  6. Via Centrepay
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