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Onwards and upwards: Emily’s story

Oct 28, 2021

Emily started at Community Based Support in 2017 as a fresh-faced 17 year old trainee. She had received promising job offers from some of Tasmania’s most well-known organisations but chose CBS as she felt there was greater potential for career progression and more opportunity for diversity in her role. She was also impressed by the welcoming atmosphere, saying “It was the people that drew me to CBS, the people that interviewed me were really lovely and made me feel comfortable, it was when they showed me around the office and everyone was friendly towards me that I knew I wanted to work at CBS”.

Community Based Support supported her to complete a Certificate 3 in Business and Emily is now working through her Certificate 4 and has also recently completed a leadership course through CBS. Emily is currently working in the Maintenance and Modifications area, dealing with everything from home modifications to gardening and spring cleaning. She’s moving on up in the business and is in the process of doing a handover as part of a move into her new role as an Aged Care Coordinator. “Since I have started with CBS I have had so many opportunities to gain knowledge across the sector. I have always had supportive managers and colleagues that helped me with gaining more knowledge so that I know where I want to go with my career”.

When asked about her favourite part of the job, Emily is encouraged by the ways she’s helped people, whether it’s a small odd job or a complete change to their home. “My favourite part about my job has been being able to make a difference in people’s lives even though some of the things have been as little as getting tap washers changed to as big as getting a bathroom modification underway, knowing that in doing these things it has made a difference to their day”.

When it comes to feeling a sense of accomplishment, Emily is most proud of all the different roles she’s experienced as well as the knowledge gained and the training she’s been able to provide to the newer members of the team. “In the last week I have learnt that I really enjoy training people in their roles, I find it really fulfilling to teach people the knowledge that they need to succeed” says Emily.

The office environment at CBS as well as the consistent learning opportunities are another big plus for Emily. “My favourite thing about working at CBS is the people, everyone is so lovely and friendly and I love working with all of them. I am continually learning at CBS, there are always opportunities to learn new things, and further your knowledge”.
Emily is excited to see the next generation come through CBS and offers the following advice for those looking to start a career at Community Based Support “Prepare for your interviews, gain some knowledge around the work that CBS does for the community. This goes a long way in an interview it shows that you are prepared to learn and also organised“.

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