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Assistance With My Individual Support Program (ISP) Package


What is an ISP package?

Specialist disability services including ISP packages are funded through the Tasmanian government. ISP Packages provide flexible support to people with disability and their family/carers to achieve their needs and goals.


Within the program guidelines, ISP Packages allow you to choose:

  • the support you need; and
  • the service or support organisation that provides the support; and
  • how and when support is provided.


You can also download a copy of the “Individual Support Program Guide for Individuals with Disability” here. This guide provides you with a full picture of an ISP package and will also help you to work out if an ISP package is right for you.


Please contact the Disability Support Services team at CBS if you would like to discuss your situation with them or if you have any questions. You can connect with us on 6208 6600 or by email at


If you already receive an ISP package you are on the right page. If you do not have an ISP package but need more information about how to get one, click here.


Community Based Support (CBS) is a registered Provider of ISP packages of care and are ready and willing to provide you the support you need under your ISP package of care.


We employ over 200 qualified support workers across Tasmania. We work with you to find the most suitable staff member to assist you. CBS employs Tasmanians who understand the needs of the community in which they work and play. Talk to us about finding suitable staff for the support you need.


CBS also offer the option of hiring a Self-Select worker to work just with you – this may be someone you know who we hire to work with you. Self-Select workers still need to attend training and undertake checks every year, but may not have the full qualification we require to work with other clients. There are some rules with this, but if you have someone in mind, or if you want to know more about this, let us know and we can talk to you about it.

Travel Costs

If your support worker needs to use their vehicle during a visit, you will be charged travel costs of 83c per km. This will be discussed with you when we complete your Individual Support Program Agreement.

Its your choice

If you would like to choose CBS to deliver your supports, if want to change your current support provider, or to request an increase in the amount of support you receive, please contact the Gateway Services on 1800 171 233.


The choice is yours!