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Investing in expertise: enhancing client care through training

Jun 15, 2023

In any organisation, the strength of the team lies in the expertise and skills they possess. For Community Based Support (CBS) who are dedicated to providing exceptional support to clients, investing in training and development is essential. By equipping our employees with the necessary knowledge and abilities, we ensure the highest level of service delivery.

One of the most recent training initiatives undertaken by CBS was the qualification of 14 field staff in Dermalux Soft Towel training. This specialised training equips support staff with the skills required to provide personal care to clients who are confined to bed.

Additionally, 25 staff members have recently completed catheter training. This training provides employees with the knowledge and expertise to support clients who use catheters  effectively. The investment in this training demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare support for clients. Feedback from participating staff has been very positive and we are confident that our clients are receiving quality care that enables them to achieve their goal of staying at home.

CBS team member Sarah reported that her favourite training of late was “Definitely the catheter care training. It’s so important to know how to manage the hygiene side of working with catheters but most of all,¬†I love all the tips and tricks in assisting clients to find comfortable and discrete ways of wearing them on their body so they can enjoy their freedom when out and about”.

Furthermore, all staff members will be updating their mandatory CPR and First Aid training this June. As emergencies can arise unexpectedly, it is crucial for every employee to possess the necessary life-saving skills. Medication training is another compulsory area where CBS has made significant strides. A total of 120 staff members have recently qualified or retrained in this, ensuring that medication administration is carried out safely and accurately.

Recognizing the importance of dysphagia and choking management, CBS has made it a priority to train in this area. It is critical staff are confident in being able to minimise the likelihood of a choking incident and in the event of one, can respond effectively.

In addition to these specific trainings, ongoing training in manual handling is provided to all staff members. CBS understands the significance of proper manual handling techniques to prevent injuries and ensure the safety of both clients and employees.

This commitment to training has created a team of highly skilled professionals who can offer the best support to clients. By equipping our team of support workers with the necessary expertise, CBS ensures that clients receive the best possible support whilst fostering a workplace culture of care, professionalism, and continuous improvement.

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