In the Loop, Volume 26


AlayaCare Training

On Wednesday evening a text message and/or email was sent to all staff advising them of the changes to the training for AlayaCare.


Duty of Care

CBS have a duty of care to provide quality support to our clients and you play a vital role in our ability to do this.

We roster and offer service to our clients based on the availability of our field staff, meaning it is essential that you remain available during your nominated availability.

We understand that appointments come up during these times however it is your responsibility to call the office when making or receiving the appointment to block this availability out BEFORE you have been booked for shifts.

Due to the high volume of visits we need to cover each day we will no longer be accepting absences for appointments on the day.

If you have availability and are booked for work you will be expected to attend the booked shift.

If you have any questions please contact rostering.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A HUGE and very warm WELCOME to our CBS Newbies!

Georgi Hughes has joined the COS (Coordination of Supports) team as a Support Coordinator.  This was previously a team of one, now it’s a dynamic duo!

Georgi has a wealth of knowledge about disability services and has worked across a number of areas including the Gateway service at Baptcare, working with intake/assessment and service provision in disability, family support and youth support.

Some fun facts about Georgi include her love of travel, recently spending time swimming and tanning herself in Albania with her fiancé; and getting out only 3 days before an earthquake struck! She loves Yoga and is a huge fan of her pet chickens who run (albeit in a very funny chicken-run fashion) to greet her each night when she returns home.

Please pop in and say G’Day to Georgi.

You make a huge difference!

Non-English Speaking Communities

Over recent months, Sarah (Office Worker) has been doing a great deal of work with our Non-English Speaking communities, raising awareness of the services CBS can offer them.  This has been no small feat.  She has worked very closely with leaders of these communities as well as translators to develop tools and resources that have helped to explain services and how to go about accessing them.

This week a compliment was passed on to us about Anjana (Support Worker) who speaks Nepalese and has been supporting CBS clients from the Nepalese community. This is what we heard –

Clients and their families love Anjana, and she loves doing the work she is doing. The District Nurses visit one of her clients and Anjana was present most recently to help interpret what each party had to communicate which made things much more productive for the nurses and the client.

Another client’s family member has said his father, who never left the house before receiving support, is now waiting at the door for Anjana to take him out. He waits with a big smile on his face and his son is so happy.”

Sarah and Anjana, your work in building awareness and delivering excellent services in these communities is doing wonders.

Other people in the Nepalese community have been asking Anjana for support from CBS in their homes too and she is helping to explain how they can do this.

What a great team effort!  Thank you for making a difference to so many.


Building Rapport

Kathy from the District Nurses called to say that Adam (Support Worker) was professional and had developed a great rapport with one of our NDIS Participants.  She felt she should let CBS and Adam know that he was doing an amazing job.

Working with people in the NDIS can be incredibly rewarding, both for the participant and the workers.  Great stuff Adam!


Help when its needed most

We have all experienced tough times where we felt that we were at breaking point.  If you add to this the responsibility that comes from caring for another person 24/7, it can become quite overwhelming.  And without a friendly, trusted fellow human that can empathise with you, it can lead to frustration and resentment.

Luckily for one of our clients, we have Tracey C (Office Worker) who has some great skills in this area.

A phone call came in from a client Eileen, who wanted to say thankyou to Tracey C for assisting her husband Wayne, a few weeks ago when he was at breaking point.  He felt very heard by Tracey.  It made such a difference that she listened and worked with him through a tough time in his life.

Well done Tracey for being the ears that hear when they are needed most!


Have a look at this great position available and apply before the closing date.
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Person in wheelchair working with a pc

Worker Orientation Module

Today is the last day to complete the Worker Orientation Module.  Just in case you missed it last time, here’s the link.

It’s very important to know that under the Commission’s requirements, staff cannot work without this qualification and as such, CBS may need to suspend your work if this module is not completed by tomorrow.

And that’s a wrap.

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