In the Loop, Volume 25

Hot Topic! “Uniforms”

The rollout of our new CBS Support Worker uniforms has begun.  What an exciting time!  The team in Launceston have already placed their orders and the team in Hobart are now placing theirs.

It’s important to remember that wearing a uniform is completely optional, but as we said in the last edition of In The Loop, they do make us look professional and give us a terrific sense of pride.  If you choose to purchase and then wear a CBS uniform, CBS will pay 30% of the full cost of the uniform, plus GST.

If you missed the fitting times, you can either email or call Amanda at ID Clothing on or 6228 4222 to make an appointment. The next available appointment day is Monday 25th November.

Royal Commission (Aged Care)

The Royal Commission into Quality and Safety in Aged Care have released their interim report.  We have written to you all to keep you up to date on the major findings so far.  If you are interested in reading more about it, here is the condensed version of the 700 page report that was prepared by ACSA (Aged Care Services of Australia), our peak body for Aged Care Services.

Employee Assistance Program

From time to time we all have to deal with difficult or stressful events in our lives.  Usually we deal with these personal challenges fairly well on our own.  However, there are times when our problems can become significant enough that they begin to interfere with our personal effectiveness, happiness and safety – at work and at home.

Your Employee Assistance Program from Positive Solutions can help you address these problems, providing both support and professional guidance.  It is a free, voluntary and confidential counselling service for a broad range of work related and personal issues.

For further information, or to make a confidential appointment, you can contact Positive Solutions direct on 1800 064 039. Positive Solutions have offices based in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport. Telephone counselling can also be organised for those outside these centres, if required.

Worker Orientation Module

There’s only 15 days left to complete the Worker Orientation Module.  Just in case you missed it last time, here’s the link.

It’s very important to know that under the Commission’s requirements, staff cannot work without this qualification and as such, CBS may need to suspend your work if this module is not completed by the requested date.

And don’t forget, you will get paid for 90 minutes for completing the module but the only way to claim this is to print out your certificate of completion at the end of the module and give a copy to Monique in the Hobart office.  For those of you in Launceston, please give a copy to Nadia in the Launceston office and she will forward it on to Monique from there.  Alternatively, you can send it to Monique via email at

You have until the 30th November, so:




Your safety

The bushfires that are currently raging out of control across New South Wales and Queensland are incredibly reminiscent of the devastating fires we experienced here last summer and have had us all thinking about the safety of our CBS family as well as the safety of our clients.

In the event of an emergency such as this, we have a list of vulnerable clients that we give to emergency services who then take control of making sure our clients are safe.  We also make contact with workers in affected areas to ensure they are aware and know what to do (stay safe!).

While this process has worked effectively in the past, we recognise that there’s always room for improvement. We are currently working on an improved Emergency Response policy that will be implemented in the near future.  We will keep you posted on any updates as they come to hand.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to assist those in the fire effected areas across New South Wales and Queensland, you can do so by offering a donation to any of the following services:

NSW Rural Fire Service

The Salvation Army

The Australian Red Cross

The St Vincent de Paul Society

Wildlife Rescue and Recovery

There are many other organisations and charities seeking financial assistance at this time.  You can find them by searching online.




Understanding Dementia MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

he Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre is a global leader in dementia research and education, with a mission to transform the understanding of dementia worldwide and to build a workforce to lead positive change in ageing and dementia care.

They offer two FREE massive open online courses (MOOCs): Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia, which are easily accessible and suitable for everyone, anywhere in the world.

Dementia has a profound impact on individuals, families and communities and the number of people with dementia across the world increases every year as our global population ages. Dementia is now one of the most significant health, social and economic issues of the 21st Century with nearly ½ million Australians currently living with dementia – and this will double by 2050.  The majority of people with dementia live in the community and all health care workers will come into contact with families, carers, and individuals living with dementia at some stage during their careers.  The goal of the Wicking Dementia Centre is to provide education about this condition for carers, families and professionals to help improve the quality of care and safety for people living with dementia, and to help people reduce their risk of developing dementia.

Enrolment is open for the next UD MOOC starting in February 2020. Click here to find out more.

You make a HUGE difference!

Since the last edition of ‘In The Loop’ we have received 11 compliments, and three complaints.  Here is a sample of the compliments we received:


High standards are something our clients enjoy and expect from CBS:

A client who received Major Home Modifications support to their home in Triabunna hand wrote this note to us all:

“Work was of a high standard. All men are highly recommended. Thank you CBS.”

The note was short and sweet, but we know we have made a difference here!


Down Days made easier:

A phone call came in from Darren, a CBS client who lives with psychosocial disability.  He wanted to pass on a big thankyou to everyone at CBS. Darren said every visit is a positive experience and it’s making a huge difference to his life, helping him turn things around as he does suffer from “down days”.

Mental illness is not easy to live with and ‘turning things around’ is often very difficult.  The affect you have on every person you come into contact with is more powerful than you think.  Thank you team, for being so terrific!


Don’t rush me:

A client called to offer a word of thanks to Jemma (Support Worker) who clearly understands her needs.  She said –

“Jemma was very helpful, she didn’t rush me and I would have her back any day.  She is a delight and an asset!”

Congratulations Jemma for getting to know your client well enough to understand what she needs and what makes the day look great for her.

And that’s a wrap.

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