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Help is at hand with the CBS Client Services team

Feb 24, 2022

40% of Tasmania’s population is either over 65 or identifies as a person with a disability. Not all of these people require support but the number of those that do is significant. In response to this, there are over 100 aged care and 500 disability support providers in Tasmania.

Making things easier

Navigating these services can be a daunting and confusing process. Understanding the funding available and wondering which business to connect with can become quite overwhelming. That’s why CBS formed a dedicated Client Services team to support people at a time when they are making significant decisions about their life. The aim is to make the journey to getting the right support as simple and stress free as possible.

The CBS Client Services team know how important it is to speak in layperson’s terms and there is no silly question as far as they are concerned. Through simple conversations they explain the process, remove the jargon and help identify the specific support options to stay safely at home and keep in touch with the community.

The right support

CEO Allyson Warrington knows the importance of putting clients first. “Our recently formed Client Services team was an initiative to ensure our clients are well taken care of and supported right from the outset. That is when they are exploring service options and availability, seeking information and navigating their way through the complex areas of disability and aged care. Our team provides their undivided attention, from initial steps through to the commencement of services and for a period of time afterwards”.

But how does this differ from other providers? Ms Warrington explains,” Many providers have intake staff to sign you up but don’t offer the full suite of service assistance, from understanding what’s on offer all the way through to getting you signed up and commencing services. What’s more, in a time of ever-increasing waiting on the phone or being put on hold, our team are picking up new business calls within 10 seconds. In the event they are all on calls, they make certain to respond to voicemails quickly. We also do a follow up within 4-6 weeks to see how your services are working for you and if we need to make any changes.”

Connecting with people

Client Service Executive Rachael loves that she spends her day helping people discover the support available to them. She particularly loves being able to connect people to the CBS social hubs when they are needing a little company and social stimulation. “Loneliness and boredom simply aren’t good for any one and I’ve seen the difference it makes to peoples lives just being in the social hub setting – it’s truly remarkable.”

Here’s her top tips for what to ask and look out for when enquiring about aged or disability services:

  • Think about your specific care needs and which services would be most useful for you.
  • Think about what days and times suit you best to receive support.
  • Get a thorough assessment through the relevant service.
  • Understand the options available in your plan and what each provides.
  • Discover the ins and outs of pricing, income assessments and know exactly how much you’ll pay and be able to receive.
  • Make sure the provider is able to support you to pursue your goals.
  • Ensure the provider has the necessary experience to deliver the services you’re after.
  • Finally, remember there is no such thing as a silly question!

“Being able to make a real difference in someone’s day whether it is a potential client or their family”. This is what experienced team member Peter really enjoys about helping clients. “And of course, helping to maintain, or even better, increase a person’s independence is so rewarding.’

The CBS Client Services team have many years of experience across aged care, disability, community services and health-related fields.

If you need some help navigating the system or identifying what type and level of service is right for you, call the CBS Client Services team on 1300 227 827.

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