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Growing confidence: Jane’s Ageing Backwards experience

Nov 04, 2023

Jane Lowe has been feeling the physical and mental health benefits of attending the Ageing Backwards movement program ran by Community Based Support (CBS). “I didn’t want to go to the gym but needed to keep working on my strength and balance” says Jane. She’d been attending some government funded classes when COVID-19 hit and they were unfortunately stopped. She saw a brochure for the Ageing Backwards program at her doctors and decided to sign up.

One immediate benefit was the social aspect with Jane saying “You can’t go and not say hello to everyone, it got me out of the house and it’s nice to have a chat”. The camaraderie during the exercises made the time fly by and encouraged her to push through the routines.

Jane has experienced plenty of positive physical benefits too, the most enjoyable of which has been her ability to get out into the garden more. This in turn has provided an additional mental health boost as she tends to her veggie patch. “I’ve been able to move more freely, bending down is easier as are things like opening jars” adds Jane.

Attending the Ageing Backwards classes has also boosted Jane’s confidence. She recently had the courage to address the class about her experience, mentioning “Yes. I was quite proud of myself getting up in front of the class to talk about it the other week and getting the words out about how it’s helped me.”

Jane offers the following words of advice to those considering joining an exercise class but perhaps feeling a little unsure. “Just come with an open mind. It’s easy, it’s beneficial and you can work to your own ability. Liz who runs the program is “really good and keeps an eye on everyone and you’re not made to feel uncomfortable” continues Jane. She’s been enjoying the classes so much and feeling the benefits that she’d like to attend another class during the week.

With classes in Glenorchy, Claremont, New Norfolk and Blackmans Bay, the Ageing Backwards movement program is an ideal way for older Tasmanians to improve their strength, balance and flexibility. The classes are relaxed, you can go at your own pace and as Jane says, it’s a great way to get out of the house and be in a social environment. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to be a CBS client to sign up, so feel free to bring a friend along. Call CBS on 1300 227 827 to book a trial today.

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