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Getting it right: Paul Dolzan’s story

Feb 27, 2023

Paul Dolzan never intended to work in the support sector, but a fortuitous encounter on a golf course changed that. A family friend was running a disability support organisation and suggested Paul work for him. He transitioned from a dangerous mining job to the disability support industry in outback Queensland and has excelled, continually learning and developing his skills to reach his current position focused on risk management, compliance, and quality.

While on holiday in Tasmania, Paul and his family were immediately enchanted by the place. During this trip, Paul spotted an advertisement for a disability support role and decided to apply. According to Paul, it was a risky move but it all worked out and he spent nine years with that company after relocating to Tasmania.

Paul has discovered a real passion for caring for people. “If you do it properly, you can effect real change and enable people to live the life they want. It’s definitely not a job where you just turn up and go home” he says.

Paul’s experience in the disability sector ignited his interest in human behaviour, leading him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Queensland University. “I was fascinated by the complexity of behaviour in some of the clients we worked with in Queensland, which sparked my curiosity in how the brain works and the functions of behaviour,” he explains.

The Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety compelled Paul to further serve the community. After gaining experience with a residential provider, he saw an opportunity at CBS. Paul was drawn to CBS because he was “searching for a place that was looking to be better, really meaning it and backing that up with their actions,” and he respected their commitment to continually improving.

This emphasis on continuous improvement was a key factor for Paul in joining the organisation. He appreciated the fact that CBS prioritises client needs and places a strong emphasis on providing high-quality support. According to Paul, the most crucial aspect of his work is ensuring that clients receive personalised and effective support that helps them achieve their goals.

Paul is pleased to have gained experience in both the Disability and Aged Care sectors, recognising commonalities and opportunities to enhance care quality for the wider community. He’s seeing encouraging changes coming out of the Royal Commission, saying “It’s beneficial for us because they’ve aligned it with the NDIS quality standards as well. You can you can see it’s all lining up towards people having more choice and control over their supports”.

The reforms made to the residential sector will also bring greater quality of support to the in-home sector and ensure that all providers, including CBS are operating with quality and safety at the forefront. “We’ll have an audit coming up shortly too. They’ll have a look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and I welcome it. It’s always an opportunity to work out where you can improve but also see what you’re doing well” says Paul.

When asked how he feels about working in the support sector Paul says “You put your heart into it and get a kick out of it as well. It’s very challenging but rewarding, it’s hard work and I very much respect what the support workers do out there every day”.

Paul Dolzan is the Executive Manager Risk Compliance Quality at Community Based Support




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