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Family support: Gordon and Rose’s story

Jan 10, 2022

Gordon and Maureen Riley chose to access home based support with CBS at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way of lightening the load at home. The meal delivery program* took some of the stress out of life and ensured they were receiving balanced meals.

Sadly Maureen passed away last year but Gordon kept up the meal deliveries. He has since signed up for a number of other CBS programs to keep himself active and engaged. Inspired by her father, daughter Rose opted in for programs with a social element.

Making use of our services

Gordon receives domestic assistance, spring cleaning and garden maintenance support which allows him and Rose to maintain their independence. It also helps them focus on other ways of keeping fit, healthy and active in their community. They both attend the Ageing Backwards movement program in Blackman’s Bay citing its importance for “strengthening and good basic exercise”.

The benefit of attending social hubs

The highlight is the social hubs, particularly the outings which Rose is fond of. “We’ve been out to see lots of different places, beautiful places and the workers are very caring” she says. She especially enjoyed scenic trips to Mount Field National Park and Port Arthur. The Rileys have enjoyed another important aspect of the social hubs, making new friends on the outings and lunch trips. Rose, knowing what it feels like to be a newcomer,  makes a special effort to welcome new people so they feel included when joining for the first time.

Focusing on the important things

The home-based support the Rileys receive enables them to focus on more personal goals like spending time with family and keeping fit. They also enjoy the additional social support.

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*The meal delivery program has been discontinued

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