Community Based Support Tasmania

Day Surgery Patient Support

CBS can assist you with safe, dependable and friendly support before and after a day surgery procedure.


For some of us finding the time as well as the support we need to undergo day surgery can be a difficult task. We often need to ask friends or family to take time out from work or other commitments so they can transport us to and from home, as well as stay with us until we are able to look after ourselves again.


What if there was another way?


CBS is able to help with all stages of support – from preparing to leave home prior to the procedure, transport to the day surgery, to transport home and follow-up with the necessary support until you are able to do things for yourself.


Our experienced and trained staff provide safe, dependable and friendly support for any adult requiring day surgery.


While it might just include a lift home for you after the procedure, a cup of tea once you are at home and a few small tasks, the key is to make things safe and easy until you are able to do everything for yourself again.


A CBS staff member can also stay overnight if required, prepare meals and do everyday tasks such as washing, ironing and cleaning where necessary. We can also assist with certain types of medication and if needed, can even arrange nursing assistance.


The Day Surgery Patient Support service operates under a user-pays model, however, some clients may be eligible for government assistance.


For an obligation free quote for this service, simply call Liz, Peter or Ebony at CBS on telephone 6208 6600 or email


NB: CBS requests essential information, including surgery date and time, location and length of support required. We then prepare an assistance plan in consultation with you.

Mr Rogers’ story…

KEN Rogers is no stranger to the heavy physical and emotional costs of being a full-time carer, but it is a challenge he takes in his stride.


Mr Rogers, 51, of Kingston Beach, has been providing around-the-clock care for his elderly mother for four-years.


“So much of my day is centred around making sure mum is well and has everything she needs, so I don’t really have the time to think about how busy I am,” Mr Rogers said.


But when the shoe is on the other foot, Mr Rogers admits that asking for help is something he struggles with.


“I have always considered myself a fairly independent person,” Mr Rogers said.


“What is ironic, though, is that I have spent 10-years working in the caring profession and yet, I don’t often let people do something for me.”


This soon changed when Mr Rogers was admitted for minor surgery to remove a hernia in his stomach.


He was told the operation would be a relatively straightforward procedure and that he would be able go home later that day.


“Usually, I would ask my daughter to take me to the hospital and back home afterwards,” Mr Rogers said.


“But she recently had a baby and lives at Port Arthur, which is a long way to drive for just a 20-minute trip, so I did not want to bother her.


“And it wasn’t possible for me to stay overnight as someone needed to be home to look after mum.”


With his family’s best interests in mind, Mr Rogers registered for the Community Based Support (CBS) Day Surgery Patient Support program.


To help arrange his transition home following the surgery, he provided CBS with the date, time and duration of his operation, which was originally scheduled for 31 May.


But when Mr Rogers received a phone call indicating that his operation had been brought forward a week earlier, he said CBS was “very flexible” in accommodating the change to his assistance plan.


Mr Rogers said CBS helped with all stages of support – from transport to the day surgery, transport home and follow-up care to ensure it was safe for him to do everything for himself again.


He said he was told “exactly what to expect” on the day so he would be prepared.


“Damien, the support worker, arrived at my house well ahead of the time I was due to arrive at the hospital so we didn’t have to rush,” Mr Rogers said.


“He was really easy-going and great to get along with – I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed in his presence.”


As Mr Rogers had never been to St Johns Hospital before, Damien accompanied him to the reception desk and made sure he found his way to the right room.


“The nurse then recorded his details and made a note to phone him when I was ready to be taken home,” Mr Rogers said.


“Fortunately, I wasn’t too bad after the surgery. Had I not been well, I could have asked for the support work to stay the night – the service is very flexible and it really depends on your care needs.


“However, Damien did check that I made it inside the house OK and that I was comfortable.


“CBS also sent in a support worker for five-hours the following day, who went grocery shopping and prepared dinner – something I would normally do for mum.”


Mr Rogers said would highly recommend people to call CBS to request a quote for the service.


“It would be beneficial for people who are in situations similar to mine where they have no other support to draw on, or who are looking after a sick or elderly person,” he said.


“It really helps to take the pressure off.”