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Dave’s advice on getting the best out of support options.

May 10, 2022

”It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile” says Dave Hanlon as he talks about the importance of humour and being able to have a laugh, no matter the situation. He insisted on being called Dave when we sat down for a chat, as calling him David meant he’d “done something wrong”.

Dave is a NDIS participant with Primary Progressive MS and he lives with son Lucas and cat Fluffy. Before his diagnosis impacted his ability, Dave enjoyed woodwork and he pointed out that Lucas shares the same interest; his talent evidenced by a wooden airplane proudly on display. He had spent much of his working life in various manual labour jobs, until an accident led to a rethink.

It was Dave’s sister Sheralyn who suggested he join her in a career in the aged care sector. He did all the necessary training and got a job in a residential home. Dave loved it from the outset and was very popular with the residents, who would ask after him on his days off. Reflecting back, he says support work was the best job he ever had.

Sheralyn has now turned her focus to her brother and as his primary carer, she looks after Dave’s life admin and NDIS support coordination. It’s an important role and one which many family members take on to share the load.

With his experience in the support sector­, Dave knew exactly what he wanted from his own disability support package. “Focus on what you want to get out of it, ask lots of questions and just be sure that you’re getting what you need to be comfortable” is his advice for anyone exploring care options for themselves or a loved one.

Dave receives several NDIS supports from CBS including house cleaning, assistance with self-care and access to community, social and recreational activities.

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