Community Based Support Tasmania

Coronavirus Information

Since the announcement of the coronavirus, Community Based Support (CBS) has been actively seeking advice from the Australian Department of Health to ensure we have measures in place that assist in avoiding the spread of the virus.


The health and safety of our clients and staff are at the forefront of all planning and decisions we make.


To ensure we are well prepared throughout this pandemic crisis, CBS has formed a coronavirus working group.  The working group is made up of the chief executive officer, the executive management team, and a range of key staff.  The group is meeting regularly to discuss, revise and implement its plans.



Current Status

Last updated at 5:00pm AEST, 17th November 2020



Important information for travellers from South Australia 

If you are now in Tasmania and have been in South Australia at any time since Monday 9 November 2020, you should immediately self-isolate in your residence or accommodation until further advice is provided this afternoon.


If you are in Tasmania and have recently been in South Australia, please be alert for symptoms of COVID-19 and seek testing through the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 if you have any symptoms, even mild.


Tasmanian Public Health Services has issued this advice in response to outbreak of COVID-19 in Adelaide.


South Australia Health is identifying settings and times where potentially infectious persons were present. People who have registered with Tas e-Travel will be contacted by SMS with further advice.


Travellers arriving in Tasmania today (Monday 16 November) should quarantine at either their residence or accommodation upon arrival until further notice.


Any intending travellers to Tasmania who have spent time in South Australia since Monday 9 November are likely to be required to quarantine upon arrival.


Further information is expected from South Australia Health and national discussions later today, and a further announcement will be made later today. Please continue to monitor this website for the latest Public Health requirements.



Tasmanias border restrictions have changed from 26th October 2020.


From this date, areas are assessed as either Low, Medium or High risk.  The risk level is determined by the number of active COVID-19 cases, and/or levels of community transmission, and/or public health advice.


Areas currently considered as low risk are:

  • Queensland
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • New South Wales
  • New Zealand


Travellers entering from these areas will no longer be required to quarantine when they arrive to Tasmania as long as they have not travelled through medium to high risk areas within a two week period prior to their arrival.


Areas currently considered as medium risk are:

  • South Australia
  • Victoria


Travellers from medium risk areas will be required to quarantine either at a home location, or where this is not available, in a Government quarantine location.


Areas currently considered as high risk are:

  • Any overseas location (other than New Zealand)
  • A cruise ship


For more information about coming to Tasmania, please visit the Tasmanian Department of Health website.  Thank you to everyone who has followed the rules to help stop the spread of this virus and keep us and our clients safe.  This has truly been a remarkable effort!


The Premier continues to ask all Tasmanians to continue to follow the rules and stay safe.



What procedures has CBS put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus?


In line with Australian Government advice, CBS has implemented the following procedures for its staff and clients. These are in addition to the normal health and safety policies and procedures practiced by all CBS staff.



  • CBS staff who have come into close contact with coronavirus have been advised they must not come to work and isolate themselves in their homes for 14 days following exposure and not return to work until they receive full clearance from their doctor;
  • CBS staff who have returned from medium or high risk areas must not come to work and self-isolate for 14 days after their return;
  • CBS staff have been advised if they experience any symptoms of the virus, they must not come to work, contact their doctor, and follow their doctors instructions;
  • Every CBS staff member has been contacted individually to ensure they are following the most up to date procedures;
  • CBS staff have now received this year’s flu vaccination;
  • All CBS staff have undertaken COVID-19 Personal Safety, and Infection Control Training;




  • CBS has written to clients on a number of occasions to ensure they have the most up to date information about CBS processes and plans;
  • Any CBS client who is in mandatory or self-isolation must contact CBS by telephone or email to advise of their situation.
  • If a CBS client develops symptoms of the virus, they must call their Doctor and tell them they suspect they have coronavirus and follow their instructions.  They must then immediately inform CBS by telephone or email.
  • CBS staff are required to ask their clients a range of questions before entering their home or before that client enters a CBS office or social hub.  (See our FAQs page for more information)



CBS Services:


All CBS services are now fully operational.


When the CBS Social Hubs and Groups were temporarily on hold, the staff at CBS banded together to create a meal delivery service.  The service provided nutritious meals as well as appropriately socially distanced social connections with our clients – when our clients couldn’t come to us, we went to them.


Now that our Social Hubs and Social Groups have re-commenced, we are very pleased to tell you that our meal delivery service will continue.  If you are interested in this service, please call Kimberley or Leah on 1300 227 827.


In addition to this, CBS has developed a range of free exercise videos that can assist you to be active and mobile while at home.  These can be viewed or downloaded for free here.



CBS welcomes all visitors to its offices and social hubs, however, when you visit, we ask that you read the signs at the entrance and follow any instructions before, during and after your visit.  Instructions include temperature checking and washing their hands before interacting with any staff or other visitors in the buildings.


It is important that we all do this to ensure our own, as well as our clients and staff safety.



More information

For more information please visit our coronavirus FAQs page.


It is our sincere wish that this information helps to alleviate any concerns and reassures you that CBS is highly committed to ensuring we take every possible measure to avoid the spread of this virus.