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Coronavirus Information

CBS CEO Message 10th September 2021 Preparing for lockdown

Since the announcement of the coronavirus in 2020, Community Based Support (CBS) has taken advice from the Australian Department of Health and the Tasmanian Government to ensure we have measures in place that assist in avoiding the spread of the virus.


The health and safety of our clients and staff are at the forefront of all planning and decisions we make.


Over this period of time both Governments have initiated border restrictions. CBS continues to observe and adhere to restrictions and provide advice to staff and clients accordingly.


The Premier continues to ask all Tasmanians to continue to follow the rules and stay safe.


CBS has implemented the following procedures for its staff and clients. These are in addition to the normal health and safety policies and procedures practiced by all CBS staff.



  • CBS staff are instructed to follow public health advice relative to the current circumstances.
  • All CBS staff have undertaken COVID-19 Personal Safety, and Infection Control Training and have been encouraged to receive the COVID vaccination.
  • All CBS staff receive annual flu vaccinations.



  • CBS clients should follow public health advice relative to the current circumstances.
  • Any CBS client who is in mandatory or self-isolation must contact CBS by telephone or email to advise of their situation.
  • If a CBS client develops symptoms of the virus, they must call their Doctor and tell them they suspect they have coronavirus and follow their instructions.  They must then immediately inform CBS by telephone or email.
  • CBS staff are required to ask their clients a range of questions before entering their home or before that client enters a CBS office or social hub. Our staff undertake normal safety precautions including hand washing, use of sanitiser and personal protective equipment.


CBS Services:


All CBS services are now fully operational and abide by COVID restrictions and our COVID Safe Workplan.


CBS welcomes all visitors to its offices and social hubs, however, when you visit, we ask that you read the signs at the entrance and follow any instructions before, during and after your visit.  Instructions include temperature checking and washing hands before interacting with any staff or other visitors in the buildings.


It is important that we all do this to ensure everyone’s safety.


More information

For more information please visit Australian Department of Health or the Tasmanian Department of Health.

Thank you to everyone who has followed the rules to help stop the spread of this virus and keep us and our clients safe.  This has truly been a remarkable effort!