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CBS Internship program: Building a future

Jul 08, 2022

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates are getting real world experience through a CBS internship program.

The intern program is a collaboration between CBS and the Indus Institute, who developed The Professional Year (PYear) Program, providing a pathway from university study to employment. The program gives international graduates from Australian universities the skills and training they need to start their career.

CBS interns gain valuable hands-on experience with software, assisting with support, contributing to projects and cleansing data. This mutually beneficial partnership assists CBS to make headway on projects that would otherwise be under-resourced and ‘wish listed’.

Investing in our people

ICT Manager Dheeraj Dua understands the importance of access to those early opportunities to succeed. As supervisor and mentor to the interns, he shows them the ropes and introduces important soft skills like professional communication and presentation. In addition he’s learned a thing or two himself, saying “I enjoy learning from them about new trends in the industry and appreciate their assistance with our projects.”

Current interns Dixita Rai and Manoj Maharjan are really enjoying their time at CBS and learning a lot. “DJ has been an absolutely amazing mentor and a friend who I can share things with and rely on. I have learned countless things from him.” says Dixita. Manoj describes the office environment as “Fun, exciting, sociable, respectful and professional.”

The CBS internship program fits well with our quality and collaboration values commitments to invest in our people and build relationships that create connection and belonging.

Benefits and successes

The benefits are many; the interns build their skill sets and experience, CBS improves its ICT processes and most importantly, our clients receive better quality services as a result.

The program has been a great success with 50% of recent interns having gone on to commence successful ICT careers shortly after their tenure with CBS.

(Pictured above from left: Dheeraj Dua, Dixita Rai and Manoj Maharjan)

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