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CBS Connect – September 2015

President’s Report
Client Directed Care is Here!
But what does it mean?
CBS has always operated a version of client directed care, with clients and loved ones involved in setting Care Plans, together with flexibility about the actual service day by day.  But we know many care plans may not have been flexible in practice.

My message now is that flexibility is our policy as well as government policy.  In practice, this means that you can say what you want done.

For instance, the Care Plan might say to vacuum the living areas and bedroom but if you want the washing or something else done, it is up to you.  Perhaps the care plan says ‘assistance to shower’ but you have already showered or don’t need to and it is a really cold day; just ask our staff to do something else you want done.  The same applies if they have finished early.  They can do other work or stop for a chat.

There are limits, of course.  Support staff are not gardeners or heavy lifters; their job descriptions haven’t changed.  If you are unsure, please ask us for a list of the jobs they can do.  We also retain responsibility for whom we send so we can roster efficiently and don’t waste precious resources getting them all crisscrossing around the region at unsustainable cost.

But within these broad limits, you are the boss.  If workers are rostered for a given time, please ask them to do what you need done.

President, Ross Doddridge

Rostering  – A very hot topic!
In our CBS Connect June edition our President, Ross Doddridge, wrote to you about changes to improve our service delivery.

So far we have successfully rolled out these changes in half of the southern region, with the remainder expected to be transitioned by the end of November 2015.

We have learnt many lessons so far, which we intend to incorporate into the remaining roll out.  We would like to thank you for your continued feedback, understanding and patience through this time of change.

CEO, Peter Nute

Complaints Lead to Change
A sincere thank you to those who give us feedback.  Both compliments and complaints help us to do our jobs better.

Following Board feedback and a number of complaints, we reviewed our options to find a better way of letting you know about day to day changes due to leave and other factors.

In the past we avoided ’phone contact between field staff and clients but since changing to smart ‘phones all of that has now changed.

In future you will be informed about all major roster changes either by rostering staff or by the replacement field worker*. So if you are about to receive a new worker someone will ring you first so you know who is coming.  Similarly, if our staff member is going to be more than 30 minutes late, you will be informed.

*At first this will apply only to areas outside of greater Hobart but by the end of November the whole region will receive this improvement.

My Aged Care
On July 1st 2015, My Aged Care became the central referral agency for all clients over 65 years of age. New clients wishing to access help in the home (eg: home maintenance, spring cleaning, personal care, domestic   assistance), assess their eligibility, or find information on aged care supports should contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or make a referral on line at  If required, family members/friends/carers, aged care service providers, and health care professionals can refer on an individual’s behalf.

How it works:
Once My Aged Care receives a referral there is a 4 step process to accessing supports:

  1. The client undertakes a national screening and assessment tool via phone. This assesses eligibility and creates a client record.
  2. Information obtained during the phone assessment is sent to the regional assessment team and the client is contacted to arrange a home assessment. This assessment is more thorough and records the clients physical, social, medical, and psychological concerns (if any). Requested supports and frequency are recorded and clients can request specific service providers to deliver their supports.
  3. The completed assessment is then sent to appropriate service providers via a ‘web based portal’. Service providers are required to accept or reject the referral from the portal.  Those that are rejected are reallocated to another service provider. To ensure client confidentiality, service providers can only see limited client information until they accept the referral.
  4. Once a referral has been accepted the service provider will contact the client to begin support.

My aged care is only for those clients accessing new services. If you already receive aged care supports through CBS or another organisation, your support WILL remain.  Please contact your current service provider to discuss any changes or alterations to your care plan.

For further information about My Aged Care, you may wish to visit the website at  Alternatively, you can call My Aged Care directly on 1800 200 422.

Did you know?
You can avoid fees for short notice cancellations of support.  You just need to give CBS 24hrs notice of the cancellation, where applicable.  It’s that easy!

Sometimes it is not possible to foresee the need to cancel within 24 hours, however we may still have to charge if adequate notice is not given. If this is a problem, please call the CBS office on 6208 6600 to discuss your circumstances.

If a CBS staff member arrives to provide you with support and is unable to complete the service due to your not being home, they will leave a note under your door advising of their attendance.

The staff member will also activate the duty of care procedures to check whether you are safe and well.

Did you also know?
CBS offers a minor home maintenance service.  CBS can arrange to have a qualified tradesperson come to your home to help with things like changing tap washers; change the batteries in your smoke alarm; repairing locks; changing light globes; adjusting doors and cupboards; and other minor general repairs.  A small co-payment of $10 will be charged per visit.

If you need some help with a minor home maintenance task, call CBS to see if we can help!

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