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A break from my caring role

CBS Helps Carers In Tasmania

Community Based Support (The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink centre) provide a range of short term respite options designed to give you a break from your caring responsibilities.  The supports available can range from general household tasks performed in the home and respite care, to carer specific training and outings and will vary depending on the carer program that suits your situation. At the point of assessment, or when requesting supports, a CBS staff member will advise which program you qualify for and will suggest supports available under this program which best assist your current needs. For a full description of each carer support program please visit our page Help in my caring role but I am new to all of this


There are two main support types available for carers which are designed to give you a break (respite) from your caring role:


1. In and out of home supports:

CBS offers various in and out of home respite care options designed to provide you with a break. For a full list of support options please click here.


2. Education and training, events and activities:

Registered carers who qualify for the National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP) or the Mental Health Respite: Carer Support Program (MH:CS) receive our quarterly event booklet via post or by email. These booklets offer a wide range of free upcoming activities, outings, and events run by CBS which are designed to improve your necessary skills as a carer and give you some time out from your caring role.


Activities and events may include:

  • Manual Handling – learning how to move the person you are caring for whilst also looking after your own health and wellbeing;
  • First Aid Training – giving you the knowledge to deal with basic emergency situations that may require some basic first aid intervention;
  • Laughter Therapy – learning how to use laughter as a form of exercise, or yoga, whilst also having fun;
  • Mental Health Training – this covers a large array of mental health issues and can deepen your understanding of the mental health of the person you care for, as well as yourself. Skills and strategies for dealing with mental illnesses are also explored in these courses.
  • Carers Week, Mental Health Week and Seniors Week events – celebrating you as a carer.


Each year CBS facilitates a carers planning day. The day is used to talk to carers about the kind of training, education and support events we should arrange in order to support carers in their caring roles. CBS also encourages all carers to discuss their specific requirements for training with the Carer Support team as individual training and education sessions can be provided on a needs basis.


To enable you to attend the free training, events and activities programs, Community Based Support may provide you with transport to and from the event, as well as appropriate support for the person you care for.


All events and activities are a great way to not only provide you with a break from your caring role but also provides an opportunity to socialise and share your stories with others in similar caring situations.


To see the latest quarterly event booklet visit here.