Community Based Support Tasmania

Help to understand government funding for support services

There are two types of government funding available to people aged 65 and over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders), who live independently in the community:


1. The Commonwealth Home Support Programme provides entry level help at home to older people who are managing quite well on their own but need some help with common daily tasks.


CBS is funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme for:



2. The Home Care Package Program delivers a coordinated package of care to meet more complex care needs. The package provides an allocated amount of funds to allow for more comprehensive support and is tailored to meet the client’s higher, individual needs. For more information about home care packages click here  or contact us.


If extra support is required or if CBS does not have government funding for certain services such as transport to appointments, overnight support or holiday packages, self-funded support services are available for purchase. These can be found here or call us to have a chat.