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A social butterfly at 93

Aug 30, 2020

At age 93, Nance loves her Chai Lattes, but it’s rare to see her sitting down to enjoy one; not because she can’t, but because there’s just too much to do! Her son often tells her it’s time to rest, but she says, “I’d rather be on the move and if I can do something useful, that’s even better!”

Born in the Tasmanian midlands, Nance and her family moved to Hobart when she was twelve, and she began work in a fruit shop. She married the love of her life, Jack, after the war and together they raised four children. Jack passed away 32 years ago and, since then, Nance has lived independently, caring for her middle son who has special needs.

Four years ago, Nance was assessed by My Aged Care for a Level 2 Home Care Package. Nance chose Community Based Support (CBS) to manage her Home Care Package, and since then, she hasn’t looked back.

Together, Nance and CBS identified the best support options for her. Nance welcomed the idea of attending a CBS Social Hub saying, “I’ve never really had the opportunity to go out, you see, I’ve never really had the opportunity for a social life. I’d always either been working or looking after someone at home”.

CBS runs 4 Social Hubs across Tasmania. Two days a week, Nance hops on a bus that takes her to the New Town Hub. “I love the ride”, Nance laughs, “I could sit on the bus all day!”

At the Hub there is so much to do. Nance says, “it gives me some time to myself, away from my duties at home”.

Nance explains that she doesn’t like sitting still and is always looking for ways to be of assistance. Over her years with CBS, she has set up a number of initiatives to help others including a fundraising trade table; a Neo-natal knitting group; and cooking sessions to help others learn how. She is now thinking about her next project!

Nance suffers from a bad knee, inflammation of the spine and has recently lost vision in one eye. But nothing will slow her down. Fiercely independent, she receives the support she needs from CBS, which includes house cleaning and help with shopping, as well as regularly attending the Social Hub. She is grateful to CBS who she has found to be “very good”. The Social Hub has been a wonderful, and life-giving, experience for Nance and she is so grateful it’s there for her.

Nance says, “The social hub really changed my life. By gosh it’s given me a lot of confidence! Going out really got me out of my shell. I can now stand up and speak to people, I can laugh and dance with them, and share my thoughts and ideas, whereas before I just went to the corner”.

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