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A woman in traditional Polish dress poses for a photo with a young man in white shirt and glasses

A home away from home: Magdalena’s story

Sep 27, 2022

Magdalena Marczak has been a support worker at Community Based Support for almost three years. She has always enjoyed working with people, having first studied hospitality and catering in Poland before coming to Australia and starting a career in community support. She is working on obtaining her permanent residency which will allow her to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Living in Australia for over seven years, Magdalena explained that her aunt had initially invited her here as a way to learn English. Ultimately arriving in Tasmania she was warmly welcomed by a familiar and thriving community. “The Polish community here in Hobart is very well organised, helpful, supportive and caring.” says Magdalena. It was a new friend in this group that suggested she work with CBS.

Magdalena has enjoyed her work at CBS as it furnished her with new problem solving skills, and suits her characteristics of patience and adaptability. When asked what makes her days better she says “When I see my clients happy with smiles on their face.”

Magdalena works mainly with the Home Care Packages team, supporting a small group of clients with personal care and social and domestic support. She is particularly popular with the Polish community as they can communicate in their native tongue, discuss shared experiences and cultural items like food and traditional dress.

A consistent roster has allowed Magdalena to explore Hobart and beyond with her friends. “I enjoy meeting people with different backgrounds and having an opportunity to explore different parts of Hobart. I am trying to go for a hike once per fortnight with my friends in order to see as much of Tasmania as I can.” Magdalena is passionate about the outdoors and finds Tassie very rewarding. If money and time were no object, she’d love to learn to sail and see even more of Tasmania.

Magdalena’s childhood memories differ greatly from her client, and fellow Pole Maria Krasznia. Whilst Magdalena’s most vivid memory is a family holiday to Zakopane ski resort in Poland, Maria’s childhood memories are filled with the horrors of war. You can read more of Maria’s eventful and ultimately triumphant story here.

Pictured: Magdalena and her cousin James who lives in Melbourne.

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