CBS takes caring to new levels

Over the past couple of months, the coronavirus pandemic has made it increasingly more difficult for all service providers and businesses to operate productively. Our clients are truly valuable to us but are among the most vulnerable in the community and as such we have had to find innovative ways to continue to provide the quality care that they are used to receiving. One of the new services we identified as a major need among is food delivery with a social connection. We repurposed our Community Hubs to make meals that we deliver straight to our clients.

The special part, however, is the social support we provide during the delivery. It’s not just any kind of delivery, not just a “drop off and go”. We schedule the delivery times in such a way so that our support workers, who do the deliveries, can do a check-up and have a chat to see if our clients are doing well or need some more assistance. It’s been received with open arms from our clients and in the first two weeks, we delivered over 300 meals. WIN News even picked up on it and did a full story. They interviewed our CEO and one of our lovely clients that receive “Chatty Meals” frequently.

Have a look at what they say.

As an organisation, we are so proud of our Hubs Manager, Kimberley Geelan, who in record time turned this project from idea to implementation. Her team has been working immensely hard to make this massive difference. It’s beautiful to see how a team can lean in (up to social distancing standards), take action and deliver results with delightful cheer.

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