CBS Connect – February 2018

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From the CEO… Murray Coates

Hello and a very happy and healthy 2018 to each and every one of you,

So far this year, we have had some lovely Tasmanian summer days and there’s more to come.  So, as the weather heats up, please look after yourself and your pets and stay hydrated. There are some good tips later in this newsletter.

2018 is going to be a great year and CBS is here to help you to achieve whatever is important to you. For Community Based Support this means enhancing what we are doing even more and building our people and services for the future. One thing we’ve been working on is the ‘Customer experience project’. The aim of this is to ensure we are doing our best when it comes to communicating with you, providing you with the right staff and giving you and your loved ones a truly excellent support service.  Thank you to all those people that shared their views with the project manager, Christine. We are now looking at what improvements we can make. It’s not too late, however, to send your thoughts to us.

We are having some real success with our NDIS support coordination services, with new people requesting these services regularly. Our highly skilled and experienced staff know about the services and supports that are available to you and they can coordinate and arrange all your support needs, making sure your plan is well implemented and up to date. Call Anna or members of her team if you would like to know more.

Also, don’t forget that as of the 1st January 2018 people aged 29-34 years of age can now access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). That now means that people from 4 years of age to 34 years of age, and their carers, can access support from the scheme. Community Based Support can help you to find out more. Again, call Anna or her team.

There will be more changes this year to the Governments funding of aged care. We believe these will be positive and we will keep you informed. There are also going to be more changes to government funded carer support services, so stay tuned.

And finally, now that the date of the state election has been called for 3rd March 2018, this is a good time to take the opportunity to let your local member know if you have any concerns.

Until we meet again, stay safe.

Murray Coates


From the Disability Support Team

A quick update on the NDIS: From the 1st January 2018, 29 to 34 year olds are now eligible for the NDIS in Tasmania.  If you are unsure about what to do, please contact our Disability Support Team.

Did you know that CBS provide Support Coordination to eligible NDIS participants? When you meet with your NDIS planner, you can ask for Support Coordination to be included in your plan.  Support Coordination provides assistance to participants to connect to the supports outlined in the participants plan.  CBS has a dedicated and experienced Disability Support Team who can work with you to ensure you get the very best support available.

To contact the Disability Support Team

Phone: 1300 227 827 (state-wide)

03 6208 6600 (Hobart) or 03 6338 1889 (Launceston)


The Disability Support team would like to wish you all a fun and exciting New Year.


From the Rostering Team

Hello there and a happy new year to you from the CBS Rostering Team.

Over the next few months we have a very large number of public holidays occurring across the state.  During this time, we get incredibly busy ensuring that everyone gets the support they would normally get on these public holidays.  It would be incredibly helpful to us if you would please contact us and let us know if you would like to cancel the support you would normally get on a public holiday.  All support will continue to be provided as normal on the public holiday unless you let us know otherwise.

The public holiday dates in Tassie for the next few months are outlined below.  Mark them in your calendar to remind yourself to call us if you need to.

Holiday Date Location Day
Australia Day 26-Jan Statewide Friday
Royal Hobart Regatta 12-Feb Hobart Monday
Launceston Cup 28-Feb Launceston Wednesday
King Island Show 06-Mar King Island Tuesday
Eight Hours Day 12-Mar Statewide Monday
Good Friday 30-Mar Statewide Friday
Easter Monday 02-Apr Statewide Monday
ANZAC Day 25-Apr Statewide Wednesday

To contact the Rostering Team

Phone: 1300 227 827 (state-wide)

03 6208 6600 (Hobart) or 03 6338 1889 (Launceston)



Dementia Awareness sessions extended into 2018.

Just a little reminder for those of you who haven’t booked in yet, we still have spaces available for the ‘Jane Tolman – Dementia Awareness information sessions’ on offer at CBS.

The 2 hour sessions will be held at Community Based Support on the last Monday of every month, from January to June 2018.  They will start at 1.30pm and finish at 3.30pm.

The sessions are free and open to any member of the community.  If you are interested in learning more about Dementia, please contact Taylah on 03 6208 6600 to book your space.


New Norfolk Day Centre

Did you know that we now have a new Day Centre social group in New Norfolk?  There are lots of fun activities and outings on offer there.  If you live in the area and would like more information about getting involved with this group, please call Tanya S. or Leah at Community Based Support on 03 6208 6600. 


Home Away From Home Respite House

Did you know that CBS is now running a Home Away From Home respite house?  We have included a flyer with this newsletter that offers more information.

To find out more or to discuss eligibility, please call Tanya Smith or Leah Clark at the Hobart office on 03 6208 6600.


Are you prepared for the heat?

Tasmanian winters can feel very long and very cold, so when summer arrives, we all want to be able to enjoy every moment we can of it.  And one of the best ways to do this is to ensure that we are all prepared for the heat.

So, what can you do to be prepared?  Here are a few simple tips that can help you to be prepared for extreme heat.

Stay hydrated Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.  Try to limit your intake of sugary drinks, alcohol and caffiene.
Check on others Check regulary on relatives and friends at rish, such as the elderly and people with chirnic medical conditions.  Look for signs of heat related illness.
Clothing Wear lightweight, loose and comfortable clothing, especially light colours that reflect the heat.  And pop on a hat.
Minimise the sun Keep out of the sun as much as possible and avoid outdoor activities in the middle of the day.  Damaging sun rays are often at their strongest between 9am and 4pm.  Don’t forget the sunscreen, apply it 20 minutes before going outside and reapply it every 2 hours after that.
Prepare your house If you have a fan or air-conditioner, make sure its working (and set to cool).  If you do not have a fan or air-conditioner, open doors and windows where safe to do so.  Draw blinds and curtains to keep out the heat during the day.
Children The inside of a closed up car heats up to extremely high temperatures in summer, so please, NEVER, EVER leave children in cars over summer, even for short bursts of time.  It can be fatal.
Take care of your pets Make sure your pets have some shade and plenty of cool water.  Avoid exercising your dogs during the middle of the day.
Medication Avoid leaving medication out in the heat or in direct sunlight as this can make the medication less effective for you.
Seek medical advice Heat related illness can be life threatening.  In an emergency call 000 for help.  For non-urgent medical assistance, call heathdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 or your local GP.
Fire! To report a fire, call 000 for help.                                                                                              If you have concerns about an active fire, you can tune into your local ABC radio to monitor whats happening and to hear instructions from your local fire brigade about what you should do.


CBS is here for you, your family and your friends

Did you know that you don’t have to be a client of Community Based Support to get the benefit of their experience and expertise?

If you know someone who may be in need of some support to live a life they love, they are very welcome to call the team at CBS and talk to someone who might be able to help them.

Whether they need disability support services, aged care services, a hand to register with My Aged Care (MAC), or someone to talk to them about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), please ask them to call us at CBS.  We are more than happy to help wherever we can.


Community Based Support Facebook Page

Have you visited our Facebook page yet?  We use it to share information about upcoming events, things we’ve been up to, and loads of photos of us all having a bit of fun.

Thank you to everyone who has interacted with our page, we have just reached an impressive ‘1000 page likes’ milestone.

You can check it out at


New Years Resolutions

What better time is there to make some lifestyle changes than a brand new year?

So why not look at some of the options Community Based Support has on offer?


Resolution number 1.

“In 2018, I’m going to be more active J”

CBS solution (A)

‘Gentle Movement exercise and chat groups’.

These groups meet weekly in a variety of different locations across the state.  They are designed to help you keep moving by offering ‘gentle’ guided movement sessions that are run by an appropriately trained fitness instructor.  But the greatest part of it is the chat and nibbles that happen after the sessions. YUM!

CBS solution (B)

‘Gentle Movement Water Aerobics’

Similarly to the Gentle exercise and chat groups, these sessions are run by an appropriately trained fitness instructor and are designed to keep you moving.  It’s a fantastic summer activity and if you decide to continue through winter, the pool is heated, so you’ll never have to be cold J

Call Tanya Smith or Leah Clark in the Hobart office on 03 6208 6600 for more information.


Resolution number 2.

“In 2018, I’m going to be more social and make new friends”

CBS solution

“CBS Social Groups’.

CBS runs social groups in Launceston and Hobart (and surrounding suburbs).  The social groups are a great way to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, overcome loneliness and stay connected to your community.

Call Tanya Smith or Leah Clark in the Hobart office on 03 6208 6600 for more information.


Resolution number 3.

‘In 2018, I’m going to set myself some personal goals, and I’m going to achieve them.”

CBS solution

CBS works with people with disability, assisting them to achieve their personal goals.  They work closely with each and every person to ensure that the goals they set for themselves can be achieved, with the best support available to them.

Call Anna, Vicki or Meegan in the Hobart office on 03 6208 6600, or Judi in the Launceston office on 03 6338 1889, and let us help you to live the life you choose.

If you have a New Year’s Resolution that we can help you to achieve, simply contact us and we’ll talk to you about how we can work together to support you in 2018… and beyond!